Introducing new service to help reducing CO2 emissions in the event industry !

What does Hovy mean?

The first carbon project we discovered was located in Paraguay.
One of the official languages of Paraguay is Guarani,
in this language Hovy means blue & green.
Blue (water) & green (trees) are the best natural carbon sinks on Earth
to reduce carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Who we are

Judikael grew up in France and has a strong international exposure. He lived in the US, UK, France, Spain and the Middle-East.
Judikael has a certification in carbon footprint analysis delivered by Carbon 4, and he has been working closely for 3 years with the French National Commission for UNESCO, including for projects related to climate change.

Our mission

Our mission is to help organizations to build a more sustainable world thanks to our technology & our expertise

Our values

In this long-term journey, our team and clients are fully engaged to reach their sustainable goals.
We are aiming to bring as many organizations on board to have a positive impact on the planet
We follow international methodologies and we are aligned with 2030 UN goals
Constant learning
To build a sustainable world requires a constant adaptability & flexibility
Trusted by forward-thinking companies